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Dynamic Cats Studio – Terms of Service


Terms can be changed without previous advice so we encourage you to save and print them and have them as a backup. By submitting a quote and place an order you agree with them.

1.-) To start

• A ) All prices are in US Dollars (USD). If you want to know the price in Mexican Pesos (MXN) you must contact us. You should not take for assumed any exchange, the price in Mexican units will be established by Dual Cat's Studio.

• B ) Copyrighted characters can be made into a costume and will be handled as cosplay projects. We do not sell the right of the character but we do sell our time, dedication, effort and investment materials. We reserve the right to manufacture the product, not the character. (Movies, video games, animation).

• C ) Prices are subject to change without previous advice.

• D ) All suits are 100% handmade with a complex process so we ask patience so you can get as a result a costume made with high care by us.

2.-) Necessary

• A ) It is essential to have a quote before placing an order

• B ) We need a DTD (Duct Tape Dummy) made by the customer and of the customer himself, it’s a dummy-replica of the customer’s body which will be our template to work. ABSOLUTELY necessary for full body projects and "Half Suit" projects which includes the legs (pants) of the character and in this case you need a leg-DTD only.
PLEASE! without cuts, that means  that once you cut it you must put together the pieces with more duct tape.


• C ) Hand and head measurements, shoe size as well. We will ask these once the order is placed.

• D ) You may have a concept or idea of ​​a character. If you do not have a concept made, DCS will make one for you with no additional cost and after making the first payment.

• E ) You MUST have the first payment ready which is deducted when you ask for a quote and it is provided.

NOTE 1: The customer has the right to receive a quote but the same does not make him/her to commit to proceed with an order. If the customer places an order but fails doing the down payment within one week after accepting the order, DCS can reject and cancel the project and depending on the case can not return to take orders for that person. Please read [NOTE 2] for more information about how to make payments properly.

3.-) Payments

We work with two different payment methods: 40% -40%-20% and monthly payment plans. Payments for international customers are via Paypal only. Users of Mexico may pay in Mexican Pesos (MXN). DCS must give the right amount of money in MXN.

40% -40%-20% method:
A- An initial down payment of 40% is required to secure the place and buy all the necessary materials.
B- NOTICE THAT: down payments are non-refundable in case you want to cancel the order once this payment is sent.
C- The next 40% is paid once we finish the 50% of the suit.
D- Final 20% is when we finish the project. Shipping cost plus insurance must be covered with this payment or as a separated payment. We will ship once shipping amount is covered.

Payment Plans:
A- We divide the final price (except shipping cost) between the months you need to pay in full. For example: $2,500 USD / 12 months = $208.33 to pay to pay per month as a minimum. You can pay more each month if you desire. Payments will be reminded the same day of each month.
B- We will start your project once 80% is paid.
C- For these, THERE WON'T BE ANY REFUNDS. 100% of the fursuit is non-refundable.
D- We will ship when project is  paid in full and shipping cost plus the insurance is covered.

NOTE 2: Please don’t send any payments if we don't require by invoice first. When a quote is given doesn’t mean that the studio is not committed to work on any order or receive payments. We only accept payments when we accept an order and we request them.
For international customers who are going to pay by PAYPAL must wait until a Paypal invoice is received. If our team receives money through Paypal without requesting it by invoice it probably won’t be refunded and it may not count as a part of a payment or a full payment. Please read [NOTE 1] for more information about when you can ask for a commission properly and the importance of the down payment.

4.-) Deadlines

• A ) Our general completion time, when we have everything ready to start and  meaning we will be fully working on your project are:
-1 to 2 weeks for a head.
-2.5 to 3 weeks for a ‘lite’ partial and partials.
-3 to 4 weeks for half and fullbody suits.

 A-1 ) Please note that these are for easy complexity suits. Something more elaborated can mean more time for us to complete. We will inform about this in the quote process.

• B ) All projects are made by order list which should be respected.

PLEASE! When you place an order and start to pay that doesn’t mean we will start with the making. It is normal that the first thing you’ll see is a concept art (if we required to make one), a badge or the fur order and then can pass some weeks for you to see the first WIP pics and sometimes a couple of months to fully work on your slot. We schedule each project depending on payments and if customer wants to be completed by an specific date.
B-1 ) We ask in the most attentive way to the customer planning its order and place in time (quote is required in advance).

• C ) We DO NOT accept "rush" order for less than 2 months. If you require a rush order at least we need 2 months to order fur and have time to work properly. Rush orders are 150% extra of the final price. 

• D ) Once we finish your project we will ship as soon as possible to you! 

“Why? That’s a lot for shipping!” Well because we think that if you spend thousand of dollars you can also pay for a decent shipping, something that will arrive to you in 1-5 days and can track in real time 24/7.
You’re the one that spends money and we spend hours of work, you want your costume and we want you to make an unboxing. That’s a good reason to prevent the package from being lost in infinity. Also you get insurance in the extreme case the company lost your package. 

5.- ) Warranty, cancellations and refunds

• A ) If you want to cancel the project once the pre-order stage has started (which means has been accepted by both, studio and customer and also the down payment has been made) we will not make refunds for downpayments. 

A-1 ) We won’t ship any unfinished project.  We will modify the design to avoid copyright to your character and we will decide if we keep or sell the project. No exceptions!.

• B ) Because in DCS we do our best to ensure that the final product is your total satisfaction at all times and approval pictures of progress are sent, DCS does not offer full refunds once the order is sent for any reason.

• C ) The warranty is three months from the date of shipment. We accept that being a creation made entirely by hand they can exist manufacturing mistakes which we will be glad to repair.
Repairs within this time range are free except for the following cases: inappropriate use of the product, changes / alterations to the product outside of our team DCS, the suit is dirty or smells bad.

• D ) The customer is responsible for shipping back to the studio if needed for repairs, adjustments or modifications.

• E ) The changes that the team can make in a finished work have an additional cost. They are not always possible, we regret any inconvenience this may generate. We reserve the right to deny them.

• F ) We reserve the right to cancel the project without any prior warning if the client presents a rude, negative and harassing attitude.